Relaxing Poem

the woods

The woods

I hear the wind whistle through the trees and rattle the wind chimes

I hear the birds singing their songs and flitting from tree to tree

I smell the lilacs and, a storm is coming too.

I feel the dry, soft grass beneath my feet

I lye down on the bed of soft grass

I hear the creek gurgling and the thunder is starting to shake the ground.

The rain sprinkles my face with gems of water

l still lay

I hear a BOOM and its time to go in.  I’m running in the rain.

A great feeling

When I get inside I get myself some rice and chicken

I sit down with my TARDIS blanket and watch Les Miserables

as the storm comes in, I think of how magical the forest was

I enjoyed it

it was relaxing, So was this I realized,

Many things can be relaxing no matter how different they are.


This week I will talk to you guys about my favorite television shows.  Each one is quite different.  Number 1, is Once Upon A Time.  Number 2, Doctor Who. Number 3, Sherlock.  Once Upon A Time is on the channel ABC.  Both Sherlock and Doctor Who belong to the BBC television network.  Here is a bit about each of them.

Once Upon A Time- ABC.  Once Upon A Time is about the child of Snow White and Prince Charming.  She was transported from the fairy tale world be cause she is the only one who can save the rest of the fairy tales from the curse that the evil queen put on the land.  The evil queen’s curse was to make sure nobody got a happy ending.   We meet characters such as Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood and Peter Pan.  I love fairy tales, this is why I like it.  I would recommend this show to anyone who like dramas and or fairy tales.

Doctor Who- BBC.  Doctor Who is a 900 year old alien who travels time and space in a police box.  It’s not really a police box it is a space ship called the T.A.R.D.I.S (time and relative dimensions in space). The Doctor solves mysteries involving aliens through out time, such as the reason the Empire State building was built for a race of alien.  The Doctor will have people travel with him and help him on his quest to save the universe.  I like this because it is funny and sometimes has romance.  I would recommend this to anyone who like science fiction.

Sherlock-BBC.  Sherlock is a modern day story of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.  They solve murder mysteries and try to out smart their arch enemy Jim Moriarty.  The reason I like it is because it makes you think and you never know whats going to happen.  I would recommend this show to anyone who likes mysteries.

I am poem…


I am a fangirl.

I wonder what I will be doing in ten years.

I hear music in my mind contantly.

I see magic in everything.

I want to be a part of another world.

I am theatrical.


I pretend I am

I feel wonderful, I love my life.

I touch instruments and feel the wonder in them.

I worry that I will not have a happy story in the end.

I cry for fictional characters.

I am musical.


I understand all good things must end, just not yet.

I say to be or not to be every time I get on a stage.

I dream to be on Broadway someday.

I try to be kind and just to all.

I hope one day the Doctor* will take me away to distant stars.

I am me!


*from Doctor Who (it’s not creepy)


squirrel.jpgThere once was a youthful carefree squirrel named Alice. Alice enjoyed wearing her crimson scarf and her cherry colored handbag when going out. This was considered unique in the squirrel community. For, most of her friends wore azure scarfs and carried bluebell colored handbags. She was taking a leisurely stroll through the woods when she detected a fragrance. As she made an effort to detect the source of the peculiar smell. Alice scampered up a tree to get a better look. As she curiously gazed upon her beautiful forest. All of the sudden she remembered realized why she came out of her cozy woodland home in the first place. The Gathering. She was requested by an old friend to attend to this great event. The gathering is where the wisest of woodland creatures come and discuss issues of the forest and debate how to solve them. Alice felt very horrible for being delayed to such an affair. She was thinking of ways to persuade the council elders that she was not carefree and it wouldn’t happen again. Just then, she heard an ear splitting howl from the dark part of the forest she was eerily close to.

Student Blogging Challenge: Activity 4


In the week 4 activity 4 the challenge is to create a national holiday. So this is what I decided to make my national holiday about.
Musical theatre in my opinion is the best type of theatre there is. I love the music, the dancing, and the magic. My favorite kind of musical theatre is Rock operas. Rock operas are where there is no dialogue, every thing is sung. Like Les Miserables or Jesus Christ Superstar.  So here  we go.

On Musical Theatre Day there would be one giant festival and in different sections of the festival certain parts would be dedicated to a musical.  For example one section would be Les Miserables, They would serve french food and each hour they would break in to song from the musical; each section would do this portion.  The festival attendees would be encouraged to join in the song singing and to dress as thought they are part of the musical of choice.  At the end of the festival there would be different contests.  Best dressed, best singing voice, and most enthusiastic, those would be the three major ones, there could be more.  Each musical that participates depends on people that make it happen.  I know I would enjoy this festival what about you? Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.

Student Blogging Challenge: Activity 5


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No If’s, And’s or Butt’s About It, Smoking In Public Should Be Banned

You come to your family’s favorite park but then you see many people smoking and and lots of cigarette butts all over the place. How are you supposed to have fun when you can’t even breathe? Should smoking be allowed in the public? Many people think about this each day. Some people say that it should be banned due to health problems and so on. But, others say that they have the right to smoke wherever they want. I do not think smoking should be allowed where it could quite possibly harm others. It causes diseases, makes pre-existing conditions worse and harms the environment.
First of all, smoking harms the ones around you. According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, secondhand smoke causes 7,300 lung cancer deaths each year for non-smokers. Secondhand smoke also causes 34,000 deaths from heart diseases. To add to the horror, cigarette smoke has 7,000 chemicals in it; 70 of which can cause cancer.
Secondly, it is dangerous for others that have asthma or another condition that make it hard to breathe, to be around smokers. Would you want to go shopping at say, a farmers market or out to eat at a restaurant and not be able to breathe? For an asthmatic or a person with allergies, it is hard enough to breathe without others pumping noxious fumes into our air. Tobacco smoke is the most common thing that triggers asthma. This may include coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, and pain or tightness in the chest. In other words, this is more proof that a smoke-free environment is a matter of life or death for individuals with respiratory issues.
Not only is public smoking bad for your health, it is also bad for the environment. Cigarette butts cause 90,000 forest fires a year. If they are not disposed of properly, animals may mistake them for food and get hurt by them. There are also many toxins in cigarette butts that many times pollute our water. On top of that, the butts take up to ten years to decompose. So, they could be out there for a while.
Now, I know that many smokers say, “It’s my right to smoke wherever I want.” That is true, but harming others and the environment is unacceptable. If you don’t care about your health fine, but others do. As I said previously, smoking has no upside. Smoking effects the ones around you. From stinking your things up or burning your house. From causing and triggering diseases to killing the environment smoking never ends well.
Secondhand smoke kills 53,800 people and causes 26,000 new cases of asthma each year. Also, every five days someone dies from a fire caused by cigarettes. Would you like to help that? Please don’t smoke in public, it is a matter of life and death.


My Blog Audit

I have been blogging since September of this year and I have written twenty-three posts. I wrote two posts about Veterans Day and a would you rather post that my teacher Mrs. Caudill had my class and I write.  I had five posts written purely on personal interest.  I wrote about: Random Acts of Kindness, My Theater, an article on my opinion, and an eminent person I look up to. Finally, I have done eighteen posts for the blogging challenge (there are too many to try to name).

Out of all of my posts my post of Lights, Camera, Action got the most comments.  I think it is because many people that commented on it has taken part in theater of some sort.  And I counted all of my comments together. The total was four comments from classmates, eight comments from teachers and eight comments from overseas students.

I enjoyed writing my dream school post best because I got to be SUPER creative and really think about what my dream school would be.  On my blog I have sixteen widgets (not counting archives, comment clouds, etc.) I think that the amount is just right because it just takes up the whole side of the web page.  I have five overseas blogs on my blog roll.  For my blog I have used the web tools: Prezi, Tagxedo,, Jigsaw Planet, Quiz Revolution and Doll Divine.

I had my classmate Blaze audit my blog.  His first Impression of the blog was how long my discrimination post title was.  All the widgets is what caught his attention.  And he was very weird-ed out by my Voki.  When I asked him what I could do to improve my blog he sad there was nothing.  It is very organized and neat.  I have enjoyed being part of this blogging challenge and hope to do it again.  Thank you for reading my posts this year.